TCP Slow Start And Wan Optimization Compression

This video looks like a good joke, but to be honest it explain in the most simple way how TCP Slow Start and Wan Optimization work. If you have problems explaining networks concepts, than for sure when somebody ask you about TCP Slow Start and Wan Optimization, you’ll remember the two guys running with oranges.

Combine the video below with some technical explanation and you can put together a nice presentation:

Virtual WAN Optimization – Blue Coat presentation

Chris Webber from Blue Coat Systems describe the concept of virtualing WAN Optimization and WAN Acceleration systems. Of course that, since Blue Coat Systems is involved, you can consider this video presentation a little bit of marketing strategy, but if you think to this subject, all companies out there do the same. It’s somehow normal.

Skipping the marketing part, this is a good explanation about virtualized WAN Optimization and you can have an overall view of what this means and how it can be implemented. Information is always welcome, not matter from which source, so I would recommend you to spend 10 minutes and watch this video.

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The difference between 3G and 4G


Excellent explanation about what is 3G and 4G, speed of the download  and different generation of wireless technologies by Craig Mathias.

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Riverbed bundles Microsoft Server in its WAN optimization appliances


Riverbed will sell Microsoft’s Windows Server bundled with its WAN optimization devices as a way to simplify purchasing for its customers.

The server will run on the Riverbed Service Platform (RSP), a partition of Riverbed’s Steelhead WAN optimization appliances that can support five VMware virtual machines per appliance.This would have been possible without the OEM agreement between Riverbed and Microsoft, but customers would have been required to deal with both vendors.

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