Fiber Optic basics

I think all network engineers touched, if not used / patched, as least one time a fiber optic patch cord. As a network engineer you might not necessarily need to understand HOW fiber optic is working. It’s there and it’s working. You just need to plug the patch cord and that that’s it.

Anyway, for interested network engineers (or geeks) like me, to understand how fiber optic works might be a fun way to spend 10 minutes of my life. Of course, to have in-deep knowledge of FO, at the level which allow you to design applications for this transport medium, you need to read a little bit more than the video above.

Disclaimer: This video is not mine and I don’t claim any rights on it. My thanks go to Jimmy Ray Purse, TechWiseTV, Networking 101 Show, Cisco and last but not least to YouTube for hosting it and let us embed this video.