Ubuntu 20.04 image for EVE-NG – Python for Network Engineers

This is an identical copy of my Ubuntu 20.04 PFNE Docker image, developed to be imported and used on EVE-NG (works also on the Community edition because it doesn’t need Docker support).

It contains all necessary tools for network engineers to test automation and learn Python. If you think a tool would be suitable to be added to this edition, please let me know in Comments below:

Python 2
Python 3

If you know how to install and use the image, please use the direct download link: Ubuntu 20.04 PFNE for EVE-NG.

For beginners of EVE-NG, here are all the steps to get you going:

  • Download the image
  • Using favorite SFTP Client (WinSCP, FileZilla for example) connect to your EVE-NG instance and upload the image to the following location:
  • Connect via SSH to your EVE-NG instance and go to location:
cd /opt/unetlab/addons/qemu/
  • Unzip the image file.
tar xzvf linux-ubuntu-server-20.04-pfne.tar.gz
  • Remove the archived image file (be sure to have a copy somewhere to avoid the need to download again):
rm -f linux-ubuntu-server-20.04-pfne.tar.gz
  • Fix permissions:
/opt/unetlab/wrappers/unl_wrapper -a fixpermissions

The image comes with the following predefined username and password:

User: root
Password: root

User: pfne
Password: pfne

Add it to your topology in EVE-NG and let me know how it works.

Packet header graphic representation

I was surfing the Internet in search of some good drawing representing packet header and I come across five excellent diagrams large enough ( 1050px wide ) to use digital but also for printing. The person behind these excellent drawings is Matt Baxter, but his site (fatpipe.org) is not accessible anymore. I found these documents on the Internet and I thought to add them here together.

You will find a link at the bottom of this post where you can download them all together.

Disclaimer: These drawings are not mine and I don’t claim any rights on them. My thanks and all copyrights go to Matt Baxter.
Matt, if you come across this blog and you find sharing to be inappropriate, please contact me.

IPv4 Header

IPv4 Header

IPv6 Header

IPv6 Header

TCP Header

TCP Header

UDP Header

UDP Heater

ICMP Header

ICMP Header

Download all drawings here:

Packet header representation


GNS3: OSPF and EIGRP scenario

A ready made GNS3 topology, including 3 interconnected routers in different domains (EIGRP and OSPF) like in the topology below.


– GNS3 or Dynamips install and functional
– Cisco IOS image for 3640 platform with Advanced IP Services

What’s included in the archive:

– routers initial configs
– network diagram
– GNS3 (or Dynamips) config file*
* Check the GNS3 config file for direction

What can you test with this scenario:

– ospf area range command
– ospf summary address command
– advertise loopback interfaces with /24 netmask
– redistribution between OSPF and EIGRP

Load the .net file in GNS3 / Dynamips, apply initial router configuration and you should have working scenario with OSPF and EIGRP routing.