A world without wireless

Funny video about a world in which wireless would not exist. Sometimes I’m also complaining about slow access over wireless, errors or possible security holes, but looking at this material I realized that even with this gaps, this technology is doing a great job. I cannot imagine a world without it.

This video appear in celebration of the recently approved 802.11n standard. Also you can visit Cisco’s website Your Ideas in Motion where you can find white papers that provide an overview of the 802.11n standard, 802.11n competitive performance test results and collaborative testing with Cisco and Intel.

New Cisco certifications announced

Source: https://cisco.hosted.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-5365

As this are quite new to me, I do not have too much to comment on the subject. Cisco Certifies Architect seems to be the new “hit” from Cisco regarding the knowledge and experience that a candidate has to achieve before applying, but also in regarding the amount of money that this will cost. Since I only heard rumors I will not write here the price, but is sure that is not accessible to any individual.

Some excerpt from the source already mentioned above you can find below.

Cisco Certified Architect

Built in response to the growing customer and market demand to recognize comprehensive competence in network infrastructure design, Cisco introduces the Cisco Certified Architect Certification. This prestigious credential recognizes a new standard of excellence for network designers who can architect and support the increasingly complex networks within global organizations and effectively translate business strategy into (r)evolutionary technology systems.

Cisco Certified Architect is the pinnacle for individuals wishing to establish formal validation of both design and IT skills in Cisco technologies and infrastructure. There is, as yet, no formal training program for the Cisco Certified Architect certification. Candidates appear before an in-person Cisco-appointed board of experts to present and defend their proposed network solution.

CCNP Wireless

The CCNP Wireless certification was developed to support the growing need for trained professionals who can effectively design, implement, secure, and operate wireless networks and mobility infrastructures. This certification recognizes the critical importance of preparing professionals to support and manage Cisco wireless LANs and networks. It reinforces the ability to assess and translate network business requirements into technical specifications that can then be installed and maintained successfully. Achieving CCNP Wireless demonstrates significant knowledge in designing, deploying and maintaining end-to-end Cisco Wireless LAN solutions.

Prerequisites:  Must hold a valid CCNA and CCNA Wireless certification in order to achieve a CCNP Wireless certification.

Availability: Courses and exams for the new CCNP Wireless certification will be made available on July 24, 2009

Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Specialist Certifications

Two (2) new certifications–The Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Support Specialist and the Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Design Specialist–validate the data center computing professional’s knowledge, expertise, and ability to run mission-critical computer operations.

General Prerequisites: If you already have a background in Cisco data center design and implementation, you may select a Fast-Start option for each of these specialist certifications. Fast-Start offers a “Qualifier” exam, that, when passed, fulfills the prerequisite knowledge requirements. If you don’t have prior background, you must first complete all of the Data Center Specialist Certifications for Architects and Engineers

Availability: Courses and exams for both new Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Specialist certifications will be made available at the end of 2009.

New DOS attacks threaten wireless data networks

Forget spam, viruses, worms, malware and phishing. These threats are apparently old school when compared to a new class of denial-of-service (DOS) attacks that threaten wireless data networks.

The latest wireless network threats were outlined in a talk here Thursday by Krishan Sabnani, vice president of networking research at Bell Labs, at the Cyber Infrastructure Protection Conference at City College of New York.

Sabnani said the latest wireless data network threats are the result of inherent weaknesses in Mobile IP, a protocol that uses tunneling and complex network triangulation to allow mobile devices to move freely from one network to another.

“We need to especially monitor the mobile networks – with limited bandwidth and terminal battery—for DOS attacks,” Sabnani said.

Here are five wireless data network threats outlined by Sabnani:

1. Signaling DOS

2. Battery Drain

3. Peer-to-Peer Applications

4. Malfunctioning Air Card

5. Excessive Port Scanning

Read the full article on NetworkWorld.com

WLAN product blitz shows 802.11n getting more affordable, useable

WLANA slew of new WLAN hardware and software suggests that 802.11n high-throughput WLANs are fast becoming more affordable and manageable across all industry segments.

Enterasys debuted its first 802.11n access point and a new high-end WLAN controller for large-scale deployments, while D-Link has a new $180 11n AP aimed at small and midsize businesses. Meraki introduced its first 11n product for municipal and multi-tenant Wi-Fi hot zones.

On the software side, Motorola’s AirDefense unit has added a WLAN troubleshooting application to its flagship wireless intrusion prevention suite, and radio frequency (RF) monitoring and configuration management to its WLAN controller software. Rival AirMagnet has created a version of its RF analysis and site survey applications and introduced a simplified troubleshooting tool, both aimed at improving WLAN performance and management for SMB customers.

Please read the full article on NetworkWorld.com

Multiple Vulnerabilities in Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers

Cisco WiMAXMultiple vulnerabilities exist in the Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers (WLCs), Cisco Catalyst 6500 Wireless Services Modules (WiSMs), and Cisco Catalyst 3750 Integrated Wireless LAN Controllers. This security advisory outlines details of the following vulnerabilities:

* Denial of Service Vulnerabilities (total of three)
* Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

These vulnerabilities are independent of each other.

Cisco has released free software updates that address these vulnerabilities.

There are no workarounds available for these vulnerabilities.

Please read more about this on cisco.com…