New DOS attacks threaten wireless data networks

Forget spam, viruses, worms, malware and phishing. These threats are apparently old school when compared to a new class of denial-of-service (DOS) attacks that threaten wireless data networks.

The latest wireless network threats were outlined in a talk here Thursday by Krishan Sabnani, vice president of networking research at Bell Labs, at the Cyber Infrastructure Protection Conference at City College of New York.

Sabnani said the latest wireless data network threats are the result of inherent weaknesses in Mobile IP, a protocol that uses tunneling and complex network triangulation to allow mobile devices to move freely from one network to another.

“We need to especially monitor the mobile networks – with limited bandwidth and terminal battery—for DOS attacks,” Sabnani said.

Here are five wireless data network threats outlined by Sabnani:

1. Signaling DOS

2. Battery Drain

3. Peer-to-Peer Applications

4. Malfunctioning Air Card

5. Excessive Port Scanning

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3 thoughts on “New DOS attacks threaten wireless data networks”

  1. Hey, please don’t spread the stupidities published by NetworkWorld. #3, #4 and #5 are not new, #2 is more funny than anything else and they provided no details on #1 that would prove it’s a “new class of …”.
    Another prime example of yellow journalism at its best.

  2. :) Ivan, I believe that “New DoS…” is to be taken in the context with “….City College of New York…”
    Maybe for NY City College this are new…

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