World’s largest cell phone

The world’s largest working cell phone has be unveiled in Chicago. Not only can those in the area venture out to see the massive cell phone unveiled for its record-setting attempt, but it actually works and you can make free phone calls and send free text messages.

The device is a replica of the Samsung Messager phone. The phone measures 15 feet wide by 13 feet tall and it broke a Guinness World Record.

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Samsung put projector into a cell phone

Samsung has partenered with Texas Instrumentes to create a mobile phone with an embedded projector.

On display at Mobile World Congress it has DLP Pico chipset technology from Texas Instruments, which was first announced a year ago, allowing the phone to project an image up to 50in on almost any surface. The phone also has a 5-megapixel camera, integrated audio speakers and a high-resolution colour OLED touchscreen.

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