Free Streaming CCNA Voice Bootcamp from INE

I got today a newsletter from INE announcing a freebie. You have it below. Enjoy!

Free Streaming of our NEW
CCNA Voice Bootcamp Course!

FOR A LIMITED TIME until March 31st, 2012, get FREE streaming
of the NEW CCNA Voice Bootcamp Course with CCIEx2 #14073
Mark Snow when you become a member with INE!
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The CCNA Voice class is an ultimate all-in-one solution for engineers pursuing the Cisco Certified Network Associate Voice (CCNA Voice) certification. This Video-on-Demand course includes over 25 hours of instructor-led content that will fully prepare you for the latest Cisco 640-461 ICOMM v8 certification exam. Please note that per Cisco CCNA Voice certification requirements, you need to have already met the pre-requisite of having a valid regular CCNA (Routing & Switching) status. View this course on your desktop computer, iPhone®, iPad® or other .mov video file format compatible devices. Learn more »

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The Essentials of CCNA Webinar

I just received an e-mail from Cisco about a free CCNA Webinar. It may be useful for those who want to become a CCNA or just want to know what is CCNA all about.

It’s one of the most recognized certifications in the IT industry today—now find out why so many networking professionals consider the Cisco CCNA® certification one of the most important stepping stones towards building a successful career in information technologies.

This informative, 90-minute webinar highlights the technologies and topics an individual will need to know to achieve their CCNA certification. In addition, The Essentials of CCNA webinar reviews the latest training methods and content available for CCNA, as well as the certifications and career paths available after you’ve achieved your certification.  You’ll hear from Cisco Subject Matter Experts who developed the actual CCNA exam and course materials. Plus, the Essentials of CCNA webinar takes a look at the latest training methods and content available for CCNA, as well the certifications and career paths available after you’ve achieved your certification.

The webinar is free and is recommended for individuals who are thinking of becoming CCNA certified, or have just started preparing to take their CCNA exams. Don’t delay, register today.

Event: The Essentials of CCNA webinar
Date: March 30
Time: 8:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time
Cost: Free
Registration link:

Cisco Interactive Technology Workshop: Video Collaboration

Today, I’ve got an invitation from Cisco to attend their webcast regarding First Steps in Video Collaboration. I believe all of you out there who have a subscription to, got this invitation, but just in case you didn’t, here are the details.

Don’t ask me if this is just a marketing or real technical stuff, but as long as it is free I think it worth spending some time to check this webcast.

This session will help you understand how Cisco Video Collaboration solutions make your working environment more flexible and agile by integrating the different Cisco Video Solutions available at your disposal today. The session will guide you in taking your first steps in experiencing an effective collaborative environment to increase employee productivity, and focus on building the knowledge organization.

Topics include:

Introducing Cisco CIUS

Interactive Video Integration Across Endpoints

Sharing Video

Short Demonstration

Live Q&A

If you have questions about Unified Communication you’ll have the opportunity to do it through live Q&A section.

Join here

If it’s possible let me know, in Comments if you found this session interesting.

FREE INE 5.5 hours rack rental CCIE RS

FirstDigest Professionals Community is offering a free InternetworkExpert 5.5 hour session rack rental for CCIE Routing and Switching preparation.

What you have to do win it?
After you register for FirstDigest Community stay active and help develop this community. There is no target. The winner will be chosen by our team based on their activity during this promotion period.
User activity checking will be done with automatic tools but also human intervetion.
Follow the rules of this community and stay in the range of topics that is the object of this forum.
“Fake” activity will not lead anyone to the winner position.

How do you receive your prize?
In terms of maximum 5 days from the promotion end, the winner will be announced through PM to establish the details and a public message will be posted in this thread.
In the eventuality that this prize cannot be received by winner, or in case of any technical difficulties, the amount of money will be transfered in his or her PayPal account.
Cost of this prize will be supported by FirstDigest Community team

Other notes
Please understand that this type of promotion is in a BETA status. Errors may appear, but we will do everything which is our power to stick to the rules and provide the promise part.
If you have any question please feel free to post them below or contact us.

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SolarWinds: free network config generator

A few days ago I received a notification from SolarWinds that they released a free Network Config Generator software and I was invited to download and test it.

I give it a try and even if I’m more used to the old plain text files with configuration template, this software was a pleasant surprise. I recommend it especially for those how are new in business and are beginners with Cisco devices. This software can get you out from some troubles when you are configuring Cisco platforms.

I had the idea to make a video tutorial about how to use it, but then I found the 2 videos below created by SolarWinds which give you an overview about this software and then a short how-to use it:

[stream flv=x:/ img=x:/ embed=false share=false width=560 height=340 dock=true  controlbar=over bandwidth=med autostart=false /]

And the how to guide:

[stream flv=x:/ img=x:/ embed=false share=false width=560 height=340 dock=true  controlbar=over bandwidth=med autostart=false /]