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Cisco: Engineer’s trick to avoid suboptimal path

I was explaining in the previous post what is the difference between optimal and suboptimal path and how to avoid the use of not such a good path in your routed environment. Also there I presented this so call “dirty trick” you can use to force the routing protocol to choose the path that you want, based on the Administrative distance modification.

As I said there is another way (for sure more than one) to do it, using a more elegant approach and from the networking point of view more safe considering the complex routing environment. I will use the same topology like in the previous post to offer you the possibility to compare these 2 methods presented and to choose the one that you understand and fit better to your needs. Also there are some other ways to do it and please feel free to discussed them in the comments section and maybe to present them here in a future post.

We will achive the desired results by setting one community on R1 for the advertised network and dropping the prefixes, marked with the same community, on R2. Please be aware that for this method to work you have to allowed BGP peers to send communities list with the command “neighbor xx.xx.xx.xx send-community …” under “router bgp xxx” process.

Please see the example by clicking the image below:

Optimal path engineer trick