Live digital threats

I wanted to bring these free tools to my blog to keep track of them, as most probably I will forget about, and to share with anybody interested in gathering information in the security areas.

First tool was revealed to my in tweet from Greg Ferro:

As usually I trust his words, I said to give it a try. I can tell that this tool is very interesting. According to the explanation found on :

The Digital Attack Map presents data gathered and published by Arbor Networks ATLASĀ® global threat intelligence system. ATLAS sources its data worldwide from 270+ ISP customers who have agreed to share anonymous network traffic and attack statistics. Data is updated hourly and can also be found in Arbor’s ATLAS Threat Portal.

Below you have an embedded version of this map, but better access the Digital Attack Map website.

Second tool caught my attention from the Digital Attack Map explanation and it’s called Arbor’s ATLAS Threat Portal.

Atlat Threat Portal

This tool is explained as:

The ATLAS portal today is a public resource that delivers a sub-set of the intelligence derived from the ATLAS sensor network on host/port scanning activity, zero-day exploits and worm propagation, security events, vulnerability disclosures and dynamic botnet and phishing infrastructures.

If the first tool is related to network attacks, the second one is covering more topics like botnets, phishing, scans and more.
You can access Arbor’s ATLAS Threat Portal here.