Cisco makes its Nexus 1000v virtual switch less virtual

Cisco Nexus 1000vCisco Systems is making its virtual switch, the Nexus 1000v, a little less virtual.

The Nexus 1000v virtual switch replaces the vSwitch embedded in VMware hypervisor software and aims to give network administrators more control and visibility into the switching that takes place between virtual machines on a virtual host server. To date, however, the Nexus 1000v has existed as a virtual machine — a turn-off for network administrators who are accustomed to being able to see and touch their physical network devices.

“I think a lot of network administrators were leery about having [Nexus 1000v] as a virtual appliance because it’s something that’s beyond their control,” said Eric Siebert, senior system administrator with restaurant chain Boston Market and a TechTarget contributor. “Traditionally, the virtual administrators have control over [any virtual machines on a host server].… I think the Nexus 1010 gives them the option to have that type of control in a physical chassis.”

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New XenServer (Midnight Ride beta) is here!

Citrix launched today the new XenServer with code name Midnight Ride. This version is still a beta one and Citrix decided to make it available for download and testing through it’s Beta Program.  As a participant in the Beta Program, you’ll play a critical role in helping the XenServer product team develop and deliver the next edition of the product and provide valuable insight for enhancements in future releases.
This new version of XenServer—the industry’s only fully capable, free virtual infrastructure solution—and Essentials for XenServer boasts many significant enhancements, including:

  • Granular role-based access controls within XenCenter
  • Dynamic memory control and overcommit
  • Enhanced snapshots, including full system state and one-click revert
  • Administrative logging and audit reports
  • Automation for workload balancing
  • Host power management
  • StorageLink site recovery for business continuity
  • Enhanced CPU compatibility for XenMotion

You can download the Midnight Ride beta now or if you feel that you need to know more about the Citrix’s newest product please register for the On-demand webcast

You can also evaluate the advanced management capabilities in Essentials for XenServer by downloading the Evaluation Virtual Appliance to enable Dynamic Workload Balancing, Provisioning Services and StorageLink in a single, pre-configured environment and utilize all the added features include in Essentials for XenServer, Enterprise Edition.