[Cisco Live] SDN controller interview

The original name of this video is “SDN controller DEMO”. I think the “demo” word there is a bit inappropriate used, as actually is more like a Cisco marketing video than demo. Don’t be so surprised, you know how Cisco promote their products.

Just my 2 cents about the SDN/OpenFlow trend that is coming up these days. I don’t mind innovation, I’m glad if and when I can get in contact with new technologies, but what disturb me is that in a lot of presentations that I’ve seen until now, SDN is presented like the magic wand that does everything with point and click.
No knowledge needed, no network understanding, no effort to see where or how the packets travel through network, you just have to point and click, slice the network however you want, plug the toy and you’re ready to go. If this is all true, then someone please explain to me with I’m busting my…head to learn and really understand what’s actually going on in the network. I really hope this kind of presentations implies that this is a new product that needs to be promoted and if they make it sound too complex, nobody will buy it.

Disclaimer: This video is not mine and I don’t claim any rights on it. My thanks go to Jimmy Ray Purse, TechWiseTV, Networking 101 Show, Cisco and last but not least to YouTube for hosting it and let us embed this video.

[Twitter IT]: Cisco ONE OpenFlow / SDN

I just upgraded to WP 3.4 and apparently you can now embed tweets in your posts. I will do this from time to time, when there is something that really capture my interest. I will add the [Twitter IT] prefix to this posts. IT in this case is not coming from Information and Technology, but from my short form of Interesting Tweet.

As this feature was just launched and I found a nice article thanks to Mr. Ivan Pepelnjak, his article will hahonor to be the first tweet added on my blog.