4 years since I registered FirstDigest.com

It has been 4 years since I did register the FirstDigest.com domain and I want to mark this on the blog timeline. Nevertheless, the first tech post will arrive on this blog only on November 2008 as first I had different plans for this domain name. Those of you who were curious enough to read the About page knows already the domain story.

Maybe it sounds stupid, but I would like to tell Happy Birthday FirstDigest.com.

Black Friday 2011 – 50% Off on INE bundles

If anybody is interested in buying INE products, do it now. I’ve got the following marketing e-mail. The prices are pretty good I must admit:

The Best CCIE Training at Over 50% Off

From now until Monday enjoy the best CCIE Training at a fraction of the price.

CCIE R&S Bundle

  1. CCIE R&S Advanced Technologies Class Download
  2. CCIE R&S Lab Workbooks Volumes I-IV (Electronic)
  3. CCIE R&S Lab Workbook Volume II Dynamips Edition (Electronic)
  4. 200 Rack Rental Tokens
  5. $1,394 Value

Only $699 – Buy Now

CCIE Voice Bundle

  1. CCIE Voice Advanced Technologies Class Download
  2. CCIE Voice Lab Workbook Volume I (Electronic)
  3. CCIE Voice Lab Workbook Volume II (Electronic)
  4. 200 Rack Rental Tokens
  5. $1,897 Value

Only $899 – Buy Now

CCIE Security Bundle

  1. CCIE Security Advanced Technologies Class Download
  2. CCIE Security Lab Workbook Volumes I (Electronic)
  3. CCIE Security Lab Workbook Volume II (Electronic)
  4. 200 Rack Rental Tokens
  5. $1,097 Value

Only $599 – Buy Now

CCIE Service Provider

  1. CCIE Service Provider v3 Advanced Technologies Class Download
  2. Coupon code: SPV3ATC
  3. $299 Value

Only $249 – Buy Now

Free streaming course CCNA 640-802 from INE

I’m sure that a lot of people out there got this info already, but for those who are not part of INE newsletter or did not check yet their website, this information may be interesting. I add below their full announcement:

Get a FREE streaming CCNA R&S Exam Course!

That’s right! From now until the end of 2011, you are able to receive FREE access to the new streaming CCNA R&S Exam Course with CCIEx3 #8593 Brian McGahan!

Join one of the most highly regarded and experienced CCIE instructors in the industry, CCIEx3 #8593 Brian McGahan (R&S, Security, SP), for this comprehensive look at the technologies covered in the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Routing & Switching exams. With over 25 hours of instructor -led videos, this class contains both easy to understand and in-depth explanations, along with hands-on examples on the Cisco IOS Command Line Interface. The class will not only fully prepare you for the latest 640-822 ICND1 (CCENT), 640-816 ICND2, and 640-802 CCNA exams, but it will also expand your understanding of core technologies that are essential to know for beginning or advancing your career with today’s networks.

Click Here for the FREE CCNA R&S Exam Course!

Even I’m somewhere above than CCNA point, it’s never too much to have a look to the basics. I had a look to this free streaming and I can tell you that beside the big marketing done by INE with this free product, the material is excellent for anyone who want to step up on the network professional path.

One notice from my side, also due to the marketing (they have to earn some money, don’t they?!). When you access the link above you will be redirected to a page that look like this:

I did a quick look on the page and saw immediately the Blue button with “Add to cart” text and I thought that the course cost 99$ and it’s not free. It cost 99$ ONLY if you want to download the course (I would say a fair price for this material). Pay attention a look about that shiny blue button (that capture your attention) immediately and you’ll see a small link with “Log in here” or a bigger one with “Sign Up” if you are new to their website.

Don’t forget that this promotion is valid until end of 2011. In 2012 you’ll have to pay to use this material.

These being said, good luck with your preparation and enjoy this content.


Cisco IOS release naming

Most probably you already know this, but for those who are interested, here is a list of the letter definitions for Cisco IOS release trains. In more human terms, if you have loaded an IOS image like c2900-universalk9-mz.SPA.150-1.M5.bin, what those letters (in this case SPA) mean:

  • A = Aggregation/Access Server/Dial technology
  • B = Broadband
  • C = Core routers (11.1CA, 11.1CT, 11.1CC)
  • D = xDSL technology
  • E = Enterprise feature set
  • F = Feature Specific enhancements (11.2F)
  • G = Gigabit Switch Routers (GSR)
  • H = SDH/SONET technology (11.3HA)
  • J = Wireless Networking technology (Aironet)
  • M = Mobile (Restricted to Mobile Wireless BU usage and further reserved for Mainline)
  • N = Voice, Multimedia, Conference (11.3NA)
  • P = Platform features (11.2P)
  • R = Reserved for ROMMON reference
  • S = Service Provider
  • T = Reserved for Consolidated Technology Train
  • W = LAN Switching/Layer 2 routing
  • X = A short lived, one-time release (12.0XA)
  • Y = A short-lived, one-time release (when Xs are exhausted)
  • Z = A short-lived, one-time release (reserved if Ys are exhausted)

Additional information can be found here.

The Essentials of CCNA Webinar

I just received an e-mail from Cisco about a free CCNA Webinar. It may be useful for those who want to become a CCNA or just want to know what is CCNA all about.

It’s one of the most recognized certifications in the IT industry today—now find out why so many networking professionals consider the Cisco CCNA® certification one of the most important stepping stones towards building a successful career in information technologies.

This informative, 90-minute webinar highlights the technologies and topics an individual will need to know to achieve their CCNA certification. In addition, The Essentials of CCNA webinar reviews the latest training methods and content available for CCNA, as well as the certifications and career paths available after you’ve achieved your certification.  You’ll hear from Cisco Subject Matter Experts who developed the actual CCNA exam and course materials. Plus, the Essentials of CCNA webinar takes a look at the latest training methods and content available for CCNA, as well the certifications and career paths available after you’ve achieved your certification.

The webinar is free and is recommended for individuals who are thinking of becoming CCNA certified, or have just started preparing to take their CCNA exams. Don’t delay, register today.

Event: The Essentials of CCNA webinar
Date: March 30
Time: 8:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time
Cost: Free
Registration link: https://cisco.webex.com/cisco/onstage/g.php?t=a&d=204136809