Draw network diagrams online (with Cisco stencils)

I’m a Mac and Linux user and if you are like me, then you have the same problems drawing network diagrams. Microsoft Visio does not have a version for this platforms. I’m not saying that there are no alternatives to Visio on Mac or Linux platform, but most of them are either limited in features, expensive or need some tricks to use it (as I described in one of my early post).

Finally I’ve found something that is:
– accessible (free or paid, but decent prices)
– online
– allow me to use Cisco stencils (not all, but at least a decent set of them)
– import / export Visio .vdx files (for paid version; I would like to have it for free or for Personal plan, but they have to make some money, isn’t it?)
– allow me to save the work in .pdf, .png or .jpeg format

The application is brought by LucidChart.com. I’ve found some other applications online, but I consider this to be the best so far.
I’m using the free version for now, but I’m thinking to buy paid account, especially for the Visio import / export features. As said above the prices are decent:


LucidChart.com may be used for more than just network diagrams, but I’m writing about this kind of drawing as is the most important for me now. Since a picture worth a thousand words, here is a small screencast that I made to show you how it works. No words (I don’t like how my recorded voice sounds) but you can see how a new network diagram is created from start to the point where I can save and use it outside LucidChart.com

P.S. I’m not affiliated in any way to LucidChart.com, the links are not part of any affiliate program and I’m not paid to write this post! I just want to share with you something that I find useful for network engineers.


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Calin is a network engineer, with more than 15 years of experience in designing, installing, troubleshooting, and maintaining large enterprise WAN and LAN networks.

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