Cisco Visual Network Index (VNI)

Cisco Visual Network Index (VNI) is an interactive tool that can help you to forecast and analyze the growth and use of IP networks worldwide. Cisco VNI intiative includes distinct elements to provide a comprehensive view of the changing IP network landscape:

Cisco VNI Forecast is a model for the estimation of future global IP traffic growth.

This can help you to estimate global IP traffic growth using data sources like Application Type, Country and Region, Segment or Network. You can access this VNI Forecast Widget and using the Wizard Editor you can create your own forecast. If you have more experience, there is also an advanced editor to predict IP traffic growth. I’m going with the Wizard to show you what I mean and why I like this tool.

IP traffic estimation by Application Type. You can select what applications to check from Web/Email, File Sharing, Internet Gaming, Business Internet, IP WAN and many more. Following the Step by Step wizard you can end with the following graph:

I have checked all the applications in the diagram above.

Estimated IP traffic by country and region:

IP traffic estimation by segment:

And finally Estimation by Networks:

If you want to help Cisco and improve this estimations you can download 2 applications: Pulse which can be installed on a PC (too bad that there is no version for Linux or Mac) or GIST for mobile devices like Blackberry or Iphone.

To see how the statistics gathered from this software look, check on It’s a real nice interactive map where you can find useful information. I don’t know if this numbers are accurate, as they rely on volunteer users which install Cisco VNI software, but certainly they are trying to make a good job together. If this forecasts are true or not will see in the future.

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    1. For me Flash was working quite fine when I was building the diagrams, but you're right, I could not embed the output in my blog. It would not load at all, that's why I used the images.
      An speaking of Cisco marketing…this VNI is free product :) I think this says a lot. Cisco may be a reliable in their niche, but it's not known for being a "give away for free" company, so I don't know how much effort they put in this product to keep it up to date and market competitive.

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