Two CCIE R&S Certification Webinars


Cisco will conduct two webinar events on Wednesday, May 20, 2009 to describe recent enhancements to CCIE R&S certification and Cisco 360 Learning Program for CCIE R&S.
Attendees can choose from calls at 8:00 am and 7:00 pm PST.
Participants need only attend one event as content will be identical.

Registration information is as follows:


Meeting Name: CCIE R&S Refresh
Date/Time: 5/20/2009 @ 8:00 AM and 7:00PM US/Pacific Time
Length: 90 minutes
Frequency: Once
Meeting ID: 222333

Register for each event:

Please visit to register for this event.

Join the Voice Conference

1. Call MeetingPlace:

Toll-free (US only): 1-800-370-2618

Toll-free (Canada only): 1-800-370-2618

International Direct Dial: 1-650-599-0315

2. Press 1 to attend a meeting.

3. Enter Meeting ID (222333) followed by the # key.

4. Follow the prompts to record your name and enter the meeting.

Join the Web Conference

1.    Disable any pop-up blocker software.

2.    Go to

3.    Enter meeting ID (222333) and click Attend Meeting.

4.    Enter your first and last name in the My name is box and click Attend Meeting.

5.    Answer Yes to any security warnings you receive and wait for the Meeting Room to initialize.

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