Cisco: How-to get notifications for IP SLA monitor using EEM

In some previous post, I explained how to configure a basic IP SLA monitor for checking the round-trip time between two Cisco routers. Because in the comments of that post I have been asked how you can get e-mail notification for IP SLA monitor, I have decided to write another post to extend a little bit this topic.

To accomplish e-mail notification for IP SLA monitors we will use Embedded Event Manager (EEM) and some SNMP knowledge.Cisco IOS EEM is a powerful device and system management technology integrated into specific Cisco switches and routers. EEM gives us the ability to customize Cisco IOS behavior based on network events as they happen.

EEM will use a SNMP event to report anomalies in regarding the RTT threshold value. For SNMP to work we need to know and Object name and the OID associated with it. In my example I will use the SNMP Object name: rttMonCtrlOperOverThresholdOccurred (OID: On Cisco website you can find more about this SNMP Object and I advice you to read it before going on with this tutorial.

Below you have a basic example about how to get e-mail notification when the threshold of the RTT IP SLA monitor is reached. More examples you can find on Ivan Pepelnjak’s blog: . It’s a good idea to check them also.

The topology remains the same like in the previous post about IP SLA. You can check it here. Please click below to check the tutorial:


If you cannot check the tutorial above, please read this text file, as it contains all the information from the video presentation.