Cisco: Multilink PPP over Frame Relay (MLPoFR)

In this tutorial I propose to show something that is not very used these days, or at least not every day, but which can be tricky if you don’t know how to approach this type of configuration. To understand this, I assume that you know the basics about PPP, FR and Multilink. I will make a short summary here but I will not go into details:

PPP or Point-to-Point protocol is used to establish direct connection between two network points. It can provide authentication, encryption privacy and compression.
FR or Frame-Relay is a telecommunication service used mostly on the WAN side towards your provider or carrier and it relay on frames for data transmission.
Multilink is used for bundle together 2 or more channels / circuits for communication improvement.

Here we will use these 3 technology to create something called MLPoFR. For security we will use authentication. Please download here the topology. Please be aware that in the topology you cannot see actually 2 links there (it a limitation of GNS3), but trust me the links are there. To be more convenient and quick the R1 of the topology is preconfigured.

Please see the tutorial below: