Cisco HealthPresence

For sure, many of you heard about Cisco TelePresence, but how many of us know about another new project from Cisco, called HealthPresence?  The most basic description is that what TelePresence does for business environment,  HealthPresence does it for the medical industry.

From the HealtPresence product FactSheet: “Cisco HealthPresence creates a live, “face-to-face visit” experience over the network for clinicians and patients, even though they might be hundreds of miles apart. The visit is enhanced by the availability of physical and diagnostic information (such as vital signs) generated from a variety of medical devices integrated with Cisco HealthPresence. Cisco HealthPresence is based on market-ready, advanced networking technologies. Using the network as a platform, Cisco HealthPresence combines state-of-the-art video, audio, and medical information to create an experience similar to an in-person visit to a doctor or health specialist.
Cisco HealthPresence can be located in a variety of places, including office buildings, shopping malls, community centers, hotels, or schools, thus offering convenient and timely access to healthcare services.”

Below you can see how Cisco’s CTO Padmasree Warrior and Sean Curtis, Technical Marketing, demonstrate new innovative healthpresence solutions that Cisco is developing that build on existing Cisco products and technologies:

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If you are wondering when this project will become a realistic alternative to the “trip” to hospital then find out that a trial is already in place in a real medical environment.  The Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Cisco collaborate on the first HealthPresence pilot based at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in Scotland. Upon a successful outcome of this program, further trials may be planned in Scotland and around the world:

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Is this the future of medical investigation and research? I guess for now we can only wait to see if this solution can really overtake the classic travel to doctor.