AMD demos 6 cores Istanbul chips

AMD demonstrate it’s first working models of Istanbul chips, the company’s line of server processors with six cores.  The AMD blog says: “As a city, Istanbul is the only city that sits on two continents, Asia and Europe. As a processor, Istanbul also bridges two worlds, the socket 1207 that has been such a strong platform in the past, and a 6-core Direct Connect architecture, with 12, 24 or 48 cores per server for the future.
Despite putting more cores in the processor, we managed to keep it in the same power and thermal ranges as our existing “Shanghai” processors. And since it fits into the same socket, our OEM customers should be able to bring products to the market quickly. End users will be able to quickly qualify and deploy these servers because the overall platform is the same as what they are using. In today’s challenging economic times, that’s music to the ears of IT departments both near, and as far away as Turkey. ”

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