Live HP Virtual Conference: Discover how to save costs & boost competitiveness

hp-liveToday’s tough economy presents you with a series of challenges. How do you do more with less, when the pressures to manage costs and boost business benefits are even higher than usual?

Discover how HP can help. You’re invited to take part, for one hour, one day, or every session, in HP’s  three-day complimentary virtual conference. Hear industry experts share proven solutions, technologies and case studies.

Attend the online conference and see how HP is changing the economics of technology:
• visit technology booths
• chat with industry experts
• learn how “green” fits into the equation

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Monday, 8 June
1400 – 1830 CET Improve your data center eco-nomics
With expenditure on power and cooling escalating, new solutions like virtualisation and energy efficient computing are becoming main-stream. What is best-practice? How much benefit can be realised? What pitfalls need to be avoided?

Tuesday, 9 June
1400 – 1830 CET Take a look at cloud; move to service-oriented IT
Delivering IT as a service with more flexibility and lower cost improves efficiency and user satisfaction. HP, as a leader in ITIL and cloud computing, will share our experience and insight.

Wednesday, 10 June
1400 – 1830 CET Transform your applications
It’s more critical than ever to understand your applications environment and make a sound transformation plan to streamline and strengthen competitive advantage. Learn about solutions and tools from HP, Intel and Oracle.