Cisco – Remote VTY Command Script

Running one or more interactive CLI commands is a common task in network management. Having a script to automate this task becomes a critical tool.

This script automates interactive TELNET or SSH sessions. Any command that can be issued in CLI can be issued via the VTY run command script in an automated fashion. Below are some example uses:

* Run a set of commands on hundreds of devices
* Configuration changes
* Archive configurations and software
* Audits, inventory and discovery
* Automated troubleshooting


This script is written in Expect. A current version of Expect is required. Expect and installation requirements for Expect can be found at Expect Homepage

Tested on RHEL 5 running expect 5.43.0-5.1 and Mac OS X 10.6 running Expect

The script is platform independent and should run on any platform that can run Expect.

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