Free live webinars covering the new Wireshark certification

What should you study? How should you study? What are the hot areas on the Exam? What are the Exam question formats? What should you watch for? What if you need to reschedule the Exam? What can you bring with you?

This are the questions that Laura Chappell will try to answer in the 4 free live webinars hosted at Chappell Seminars on from 17th to 19th of August 2010. I you are curious who is Laura Chappell, you should know that, according to her bio, she is the Founder of Wireshark University ( and Chappell University ( and a self-admitted “packet geek” as well as a highly-energetic speaker and author of numerous industry titles on network communications, analysis and security. Nicknamed “Glenda, the Good Witch,” Laura has presented to thousands of State, Federal and international law enforcement officers, judicial members, engineers, network administrators, technicians and developers.

Ms. Chappell is a member of the High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA) and an Associate Member of the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) since 1989. Her blend of humor, personal experiences, energy and clarity have earned her a top spot as an industry speaker at Microsoft, Novell, Hewlett-Packard, High Technology Crime Investigation Association and US Court conferences.

I believe that this is enough to wake up your interest in this event. Considering that it is offer for free, I don’t see why you should not attend especially if you are interested in network technology. There is always room for more knowledge.

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