Riverbed releases gigabit-speed WAN optimizer

Riverbed Technology Inc. today released two new models of its WAN optimization engine, the Steelhead appliance, which can now achieve network throughput speeds of up to 1Gbit/sec. over Ethernet or OC-12 connections.

The new appliance, the Steelhead 7050-L (low) and 7050-M (medium), are the first to use solid-state drives (SSD) instead of hard disk drives and offer larger memory configurations — 32GB/48GB of memory — than previous models. The appliances are aimed at backup consolidation for disaster recovery and business continuity.
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“This is the first WAN optimization product built on SSD, which enables faster read/write speeds,” said Nik Roudam, director of product marketing at Riverbed.

The appliances also support 10Gbit/sec. Ethernet for appliance clustering or for fail-over purposes. Up to 25 appliances can be clustered together for a total of 12GB/sec. throughput, according to Roudam.

The Steelhead 7050-L and 7050-M can be configured with 14 or 28 160GB SSD drives respectively, and two hard disk drives, which act as logging disks.

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