Useful documentation sheets at offers some “cheat sheets” with useful information. This are like very small handbooks with the most useful informations about BGP, EIGRP, IPsec, Multicast, IS-IS, OSPF, Spanning-Three, TCPdump and more. I found this very useful during my preparations for Cisco exams and not only, so I want to share them here. Of course any copyrights goes to the owner of And if you are worry about the “cheat” word, look what the owner of is saying:

Are these for cheating?

No. The term “cheat sheet” is a slang term for a small collection of notes or a quick reference guide (my apologies if this isn’t a familiar term in your locale). I don’t condone cheating of any sort, and you’re only doing yourself a disservice if you decide to take that path.”

You can check this materials at:

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  1. Really it is wonderfull site i can get any topic with simple reference

    I am verythankfull to the people who initiated this site .

    Great Guys

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