WebEx Added to Smartphones at Mobile World Congress

WebexCisco WebEx became more useful than ever this week with the news that it was being extended to work with a range of business smartphones.

The announcement, at Mobile World Congress, means users will be able to join Cisco WebEx Meeting Center Web and audio conferences on smartphones including the BlackBerry Bold, Curve 8900 and Storm from RIM, the Nokia Eseries and Nseries phones, and the Samsung Blackjack II.

To use, you just launch Cisco WebEx Meeting Center through your smartphone browser and you get integrated audio and Web conferencing over 3G or a combination of 2G and Wi-Fi. You can join scheduled meetings and view presentations, applications and desktops with live annotations.

There is also a nice function on WebEx whereby a host can send meeting invites via Short Message Service and a recipient can join simply by texting ‘1’ back. Cisco WebEx smartphone support starts in April this year.

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