• Who is Calin?

For my professional profile please visit: http://www.linkedin.com/in/calinchiorean
It’s all there, knowledge, experience, and so on…I will not copy / paste here again :) .

Other than Cisco, networking and stuff that involve my professional profile, I like photography, trips, life…I love Ioana (my fiancée) and Maya (my dog)…I enjoy a night out with friends. I believe that’s enough to have an idea about who’s Calin.

  • Why firstdigest.com?

Initially I bought this domain for something else.
I read an article about how much money you can make from blogging news, OMG and other stuff that everybody read. I had a look after a domain easy to remember and still short. As you know almost every nice domain is already rented or it is for rent, but for a prohibited price (at least for me) and so, I arrived at firstdigest.com .
Since I’m not a very good writer and I do not have time all day to stay and search news, read them and then rewrite for my site…well, I failed miserable.
Then I said that I should still do something with the domain as I’m paying for it. Parking it didn’t seems to me as a good idea, so I transformed it into something that I now: Networking, cisco, linux, advices and so on…At least I know what to write in this area :)

  • What I want to prove with firstdigest.com ?

Absolutely nothing! I’m just hopping that somebody will find useful the things that I post here and help him or her in their professional path.

  • Certifications that I hold currently:


Cisco Certified Specialist

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Calin,l did CCNA MCITP courses, but i cannot afford money for certification. so i’m trying to enter into primary stage of hardware and networking field. Bt confused on whether to join as trainee hardware engineer or Desktop support. can you please clarify ASAP. Thanking You,

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